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Victory in the Primary!

 The Republican primary in June was an exciting victory for me and I am now the GOP nominee for Iowa House District 88.


Check out the results here and learn more about the makeup of this new House district.

Iowans want to be heard and they want to know that their voice does count.


After the thousands of doors I have knocked, I am even more convinced that I represent the conservative, biblical values of my district and intend to vote and lead that way at the capitol.


This was clearly displayed by the results of this race. I still look back at those numbers in amazement!

I give the Lord all glory because it is He who changes people’s hearts and minds.


But I would be remiss to not also acknowledge many of you, my supporters, who have already come along side of me by door knocking, calling, supporting me financially, voting, displaying yard signs, and much more!


Thank you!

Since the primary on June 7th here are some of the exciting ways I have spent the summer months:

Parades & manning Republican county fair booths

Youth events and prime public events such as 4-H poultry shows and the Iowa State Fair

Attending conferences and events on important issues such as the pro-life movement, school choice, and election integrity.

Hosting opportunities and informing families so that we all can help protect the innocence of children

I want all who visit this website to know that some of my priorities as a Representative for the Iowa House include protecting your God-given constitutional rights (medical freedom, 2nd amendment, freedom of speech, religious freedom), the innocence of children, the life of the unborn, school choice and parental rights in education, election integrity and of course, like all good Republicans, limited government!

There is so much to fight for in our state! Please be sure to sign up for my newsletter starting next January!

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