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2023 Session Recap

The 2023 Legislative Session of the 90th General Assembly adjourned on May 4, 2023. This was my "freshman session" and I was honored to represent District 88 with my vote. Read below for a summary of this past session, and click the button below to sign up for my future newsletters. You can click on the links in the summary section to view the past newsletters that include more information about that issue. The legislative session runs approximately January through May each year. 

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School Choice for Iowa

This law establishes Education Savings Accounts in the state treasury for children whose parents opt in, and provides more funding for public schools by changing the way students in any particular district are counted for district enrollment. Also new in this legislation is increased flexibility for how school districts can spend their money. 

Medical Malpractice Caps

This law limits the amount of noneconomic damages that can be awarded for a medical malpractice claim at $2 million if the incident happened at a hospital and $1 million if it happened somewhere else.

Eminent Domain

This bill would have required that carbon capture pipeline companies to reach voluntary easements for 90% of the land on their route before they could seek to use eminent domain. (Passed the House, blocked in Senate)


Bathroom Privacy Bill

This bill gives schools guidance on bathroom and locker room requirements. The bill states that people may not use a multiple occupancy bathroom or changing area that does not correspond to the sex on their birth certificate in K-12 schools. It specifies that this applies to any locker room or changing area for extracurricular activities and for overnight trips. (Signed into law 3/22)

Property Tax Relief

This proposal provides property tax relief for landowners by curbing the budget growth of local governments without discouraging economic development

Youth Employment Law Changes

This bill makes very reasonable changes in Iowa law to allow more flexibility in work schedules and work activities for teenagers.

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Transgender Surgery Ban

This law makes it illegal to perform a sex-change surgery or administer cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to a minor in the state of Iowa.

Parent Empowerment Bill

This bill ensures all books in schools are age appropriate, meaning they cannot contain descriptions of a sex act. It also prohibits curriculum on gender identity or sexual orientation in K-6th grade and prevents schools from having policies that keep secrets from parents about their child’s gender identity. In addition, schools must get parental consent prior to giving surveys and must share who created and sponsored the survey as well as how the data is being used and stored.

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