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As a conservative, Christian leader with a biblical worldview, I am shocked to see the many assaults on the foundations of our country which include faith, family and freedom. After attending subcommittees, committee meetings, rallies, and many conversations with members of both the Senate and the House, it only took a short time for me to realize that Iowans were not being heard and are therefore, not being protected.


Because America is a Constitutional Republic, elected positions, such as the one I seek, exist for two reasons:


First, to represent their constituents at the state legislative level and in my case, this will be those living in parts of Mahaska County and Jefferson County and all of Keokuk County. I firmly believe that I can accurately and honestly represent this group of people because I am one of them - I think the same way, I believe the same way and I will vote the same way as my constituents would.


The second reason this elected position exists is to limit the government’s power over its people.


It is my desire to not continue in the runaway passage of restrictive laws but to dial them back in such a way that safeguards our freedoms.

It is with a fight in my spirit that I step out of my own comfort zone to be the change I want to see.


I regret having not taken this direction much sooner and must admit that I have been like many Iowans – complacent in my own comforts while not pushing back against the attempts to destroy the very foundation of our great country.

It was John Adams that stated, “Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” I stand on the fact that it is God who gives us our inalienable rights. It is the role of government to secure these God-given rights to its citizens.  

My heart’s desire is to hear from the constituents that have elected me, represent them accurately at the state level and fight to protect their constitutional rights.

          I am:

  • Pro-family

  • Pro-life

  • Pro-second amendment

  • Pro-freedom

  • Pro-constitution

And what I now like to call - pro-innocence -

safe guarding the virtue of our vulnerable children.

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