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A Bill for Iowa's Apprenticeship Program Passes House

A new bill to establish Iowa's Registered Apprenticeship Program is making its way through the Iowa Legislature. Here is a summary of Senate File 318 and the program it establishes:

● Establishes the Iowa Office of Apprenticeship within the Department of Workforce Development.

● The duties of the office would have to do mostly with the voluntary registration of apprenticeships with the office.

● Eligible apprenticeship programs must be established with an apprenticeship agreement between an apprentice and an apprenticeship sponsor and involve work in an apprenticeable profession, as those terms are defined in the bill, and must be registered with the federal Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, or the Iowa Office of Apprenticeship.

● To be eligible for registration with the Iowa Office of Apprenticeship, an apprenticeship program must include employer involvement, on-the-job training, related training instruction from a lead apprenticeship sponsor, paid work experience, and receipt of a portable state or nationally recognized credential; and must be in compliance with applicable federal regulations and rules of the office, among other requirements.

● The bill also establishes the Iowa apprenticeship council as an advisory council within the department of workforce development. Members of the council are appointed by the governor for three-year terms and must be familiar with apprenticeable occupations.

● The bill requires licensing authorities, as defined in the bill, to grant an occupational license to any applicant who has successfully completed an apprenticeship in compliance with program standards for apprenticeships as outlined in federal regulations, subject to a valid apprenticeship agreement, and under the supervision of an eligible employer; has received a passing score on any examination deemed to be necessary for licensing by a licensing authority; and is otherwise eligible to receive a license.

● The bill prohibits licensing authorities from establishing examination requirements for applicants who complete a registered apprenticeship as provided in the bill that differ from other applicants.

● A sponsor of a registered apprenticeship program under the bill is responsible for the administration and supervision of on-the-job training and related technical instruction for each apprentice in the apprenticeship program.

● When training is provided by a lead apprenticeship sponsor or intermediary, the employer of the apprentice is responsible for the administration and supervision of on-the-job training, and the lead apprenticeship sponsor or intermediary is responsible for related technical instruction for each apprenticeship.

The bill has passed the Senate, was amended and passed in the House, so it is being sent back to the Senate for approval on House amendments. SF 318 may face more amending before its final version is released. As always, I welcome questions and feedback from my constituents. You can reach me at or leave a message on the Capitol switchboard at 515.281.3221.

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