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Carbon Pipeline: Much at Stake for Iowa Land Owners

The carbon pipeline conversations are picking up speed at the Iowa Capitol! If you have not yet caught wind of the recent rage over carbon sequestration, here it is in a nutshell: The “Carbon Sequestration Pipeline” refers to the trapping and gathering of gaseous carbon dioxide produced at ethanol plants and fertilizer plants across the state of Iowa, liquifying it under high pressure, transporting it in pipelines buried across thousands of miles of private property and storing it in underground sites, likely in Illinois. Three companies are vying for the enormous federal grants, subsidies and tax incentives that will be handed out in the process; Summit, Navigator and ADM/Wolf. The global conversation over the carbon pipelines narrative argues that they will lower emissions and address the alleged climate crisis. As for Iowa, the ethanol associations are fear mongering this as a moment of “life or death” for its industry.

All the while, private landowners are fighting for their property rights under the threat of private companies forcing eminent domain upon them. To add to that, environmental groups and the like are exposing the potential threats to the land and people because of the under-regulated public safety concern. One thing is for certain, neighbors all around me in Mahaska County are reporting some alarming conversations with surveyors and pipeline personal. Here are just a few excerpts:

The pipeline is coming through “whether you like it or not.”

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“Your neighbors on both sides of you have already signed.” (Upon discovery, this was not true.)

“It’s a done deal. Sign now.”

These lies, threats and coercive techniques are occurring across the state as heavy pressure is being placed on landowners to sign vague and confusing easements so that the companies can reach a threshold of land and be granted the necessary Iowa Utilities Board permit to build.

As Representative for Keokuk County and portions of Mahaska County and Jefferson County, it has been made clear to me that landowners are being intentionally mislead. If you or anyone you know has something to share or is interested in learning more about the carbon pipeline, please contact me through any of the methods listed below.

This fight is far from over. I have been following this issue since before my run for office and

have been clear that I will continue to protect individual property rights over private company

profits. Please join me! Here are a few things you can do:

1. Get Connected – Let me put you in touch with others!

2. Be Seen – Know your elected officials and be sure they know you. I will help you with


3. Be Heard - Write a letter of opposition to the Iowa Utilities Board. I can tell you how.

4. Learn More - Reach out to me for more information on all things pipeline related.

Contact me at:

Leave me a message on the capitol switchboard by calling 515-282-3221

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