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Protecting Kids from Sexually Explicit Materials in Schools

Senator Sandy Salmon and Representative Helena Hayes, along with a number of other legislators, are introducing companion bills in the House and Senate that protect our students from sexually explicit materials in our schools.

Right now schools are EXEMPT from having to obey Iowa laws outlawing sexually explicit materials? We are seeing the results of this bad policy now because we now find sexually explicit material in schools all over the state, courtesy of the taxpayer. It is pornography; and it is totally unacceptable, appalling, and unconscionable.

Pornography fuels a variety of sexual harassment and sexual crimes, including sexual assault and sex trafficking, creating victims in its wake. It damages children and introduces long-term struggles families must deal with. Porn actually changes the physical functioning of the brain, causing addiction. It also grooms children and makes them prey to sexual exploitation.

This bill prohibits a school teacher or administrator from knowingly providing sexually explicit material to a student in the school library, curriculum or classroom or requiring a student to read or view sexually explicit material. Those violating this law would lose their job and their license. The bill also provides a pathway for a parent to bring a lawsuit against the school, and if successful, there would be civil penalties against the school.

School computers and internet are supposed to protect kids from digital sexually explicit material, and this ensures schools also protect kids from physical sexually explicit material. Parents expect that the school their children attend will be free from dangerous and addictive influences. This bill helps to ensure a safe environment for our children in which to learn.

Please contact your legislators to encourage them to support this bill.

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