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2023 Newsletter Archive

The financial status of Iowa, child protection, and session priorities.

Massive overseas immigration influx, ESG, and iJAG.

Border update, carbon pipeline update, and local elections.

Carbon pipeline update, journey to the border update, and the Legislative Page Program.

Carbon pipeline update, southern border update, and doorknocking.

Carbon pipeline, ESA update, and security at the southern border.

Heartbeat bill blocked, ESA update, and more on my Texas border trip.

Updates on the proposed carbon pipeline, fetal heartbeat law, and my trip to the Texas/Mexico border.

Youth employment laws, property tax, and the end of the legislative session.

Carbon pipeline update, DEI, human trafficking penalties.

Article V Convention, property taxes, and legislative decorum.

Firearms in vehicles, Heartbeat Law, and welfare reform.

Property taxes and state budget update.

Eminent domain, raw milk updates, and Republican budget targets.

Eminent domain and teacher empowerment.

Gathering of pipeline affected landowners, different types of legislation, and the Bathroom Privacy Bill.

Protect My Innocence at the Capitol, bills protecting children, and 501(c)3 in the church.

A day in the life of a legislator, marriage legislation, and property tax reform.

No carbon pipeline rally, second amendment preservation act, and education updates.

Protecting kids from sexually explicit materials in schools, carbon pipeline update and school funding history.

Medical malpractice reform, public school funding, and more.

FFA Day at the Capitol, Gender Indentity/Parental Consent, and black bear hunting.

Students First Act signed into law, tracking legislation, and a look into legislator life.

Public hearing on the Students First Act, House committees, and visitors.

First week of the session, Condition of the State, and new bills.

Legislative session begins, Republican Party top priorities, and meet my clerk.

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