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Second Amendment Preservation Act

Our 2nd amendment freedom- the right to keep and bear arms- is fundamental to who we are as Americans. The right to protect ourselves, whether from intruders or impending tyranny, through the use of firearms is now a right recognized by the Constitution of the State of Iowa, thanks to the ballot measure for Iowa Constitution Amendment 1. You saw this at the bottom of your ballot this past fall.

That measure did pass and the constitution is now amended… So why would we need another bill to protect this right? House File 147 protects Iowa from having to enforce any federal mandates or laws that infringe on Iowans’ right to bear arms. This is a critical time for such action, considering the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’ recent “pistol brace ban,” which is said to take effect this May. Read more about the ban here:

Like-minded legislators have been working hard to protect our 2A rights this session, with HF147 having passed its subcommittee and moving forward.

Here is a brief summary of what HF 147 does:

  • Affirms Iowa’s authority to regulate firearms within its borders.

  • Prohibits Iowa from enforcing any federal mandate or law that would cause infringement on the right to keep and bear arms, and declares any such action to be void in Iowa.

  • Gives protections against any federal action that creates a “chilling effect” on the purchase or sale of firearms, accessories, ammunition, etc.

  • Places the duty of protecting these rights on the court and law enforcement agencies.

I know that many of my constituents find this issue to be as important as I do! I co-signed this bill and will support it all the way! For those outside my district, I encourage you to contact your legislator at tell them to vote YES on HF147- The Second Amendment Preservation Act.

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